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With the changes in people’s living and working styles, lumbar spine disorders caused by prolonged sitting are becoming more and more common. The kyphosis of the lumbar spine curve is the culprit that causes low back pain. Sedentary low back pain must be considered from two aspects: lumbar spine and psoas muscle.

1. Lumbar spine: When sitting upright, the anterior and posterior space of the intervertebral disc between the vertebrae is relatively balanced. However, when a bad sitting posture such as bending or slumping, the lumbar curvature is kyphotic, the posterior space increases, and the nucleus pulposus in the intervertebral disc will protrude backward. Squeeze spinal nerves.

2. Psoas: The loss of the original physiological curvature increases the burden on the muscles that maintain the stability of the spine, and the muscles behind the waist are severely stretched and tense, which can easily lead to lumbar muscle strain for a long time.

The root cause of sedentary low back pain is biomechanical factors, and the lumbar spine has lost its original physiological curvature for a long time. The primary goal of office waist support products is to support the waist, keep the lumbar spine in a good lumbar curvature, and at the same time relax the muscles properly to avoid strain.

Why is the EAVY support seat so designed?

1. EAVY triangular support principle, support is more scientific and reasonable

  1. When sitting in a bad posture, the pelvic backward tilt and the lumbar kyphosis are the biomechanical sources of low back pain after prolonged sitting. The most effective way to correct sitting posture and prevent waist collapse is to provide support near the pelvis and lumbar spine to avoid kyphosis. This requires a strong support structure to overcome the huge force of the lumbar back arch, and the triangle support method is the most solid and reasonable way to support the back.
  2. The EAVY back support seat integrates sitting and leaning, with a stable shape and a self-supporting system, which can be used in almost any scene. Although the traditional sponge pillow has a protruding shape that imitates the lumbar curve, it cannot be effectively supported due to the overall softness. The way of fixing the seat back will be overly dependent on the condition of the original seat back, such as different angles and stiffnesses, which will affect the lumbar support effect. The simple L-shaped structure seat cushion is easy to open and deform under the action of the reclining force, and its supporting effect is much lower than that of the triangular support structure.

2. Unique multi-position waist support

  1. Most of the ergonomic chairs and lumbar support products only consider the back support (that is, actively leaning back), but when sitting or working at a desk, where lumbar support is most needed, there is insufficient support for the waist, or the back of the chair is not far from the waist. Without support, this is the norm for the office crowd. Moreover, correcting the sitting posture does not mean fixing the sitting posture, but maintaining the good curvature of the lumbar spine in different sitting postures. A fully cured sitting position can also bring about muscle fatigue.
  2. EAVY is the first to propose a variety of posture support designs, which can support the waist when working at a desk, sitting upright or resting back, eliminating bad sitting posture, and avoiding lumbar muscle strain caused by prolonged sitting (currently there are two versions 2 files Classic model and 5-speed upgrade).

EAVY is committed to protecting the lumbar spine without restraining the user as much as possible, which is also the ultimate pursuit of ergonomics and user experience.

EAVY Backer Seat Consideration of Detail

1. One-handed operation to shift gears, pursuing a simple user experience. Move the backing plate forward to easily adjust the gear position, eliminating all cumbersome operations. The positioning of the EAVY support seat as a waist support product is not only the original concept of the concept, the realization of the function, but also the pursuit of user experience.

2. It has a wide range of applications, and the concept of waist support should be used throughout all sedentary scenes. For example, when working and studying, eating at the table, watching TV on the sofa, or even practicing the piano, the support seat can play a good role in supporting the waist.

3. Taking into account both function and comfort, the overall structure of the environmentally friendly and breathable waist support seat is composed of a stable support piece and a highly elastic and breathable sponge seat surface. The seat surface is made of environmentally friendly breathable sponge. The seat adopts the iconic “Y”-shaped groove through design to further improve breathability.

4. Sturdy structure, replaceable seat surface, and humanized design throughout 1) Quality assurance: The structural parts of the support seat are made of engineering plastics and stainless steel supports, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 200 kg, which is far more than twice the weight of the average person. There is also a long three-year warranty, so you can use it with peace of mind. The seat surface can be removed for washing or replacement, which is more user-friendly.

EAVY Brand Story

The EAVY brand was founded by Dr. Luo Yun, who has served as a university professor at home and abroad for 18 years, and was selected as an expert in the Shanghai Thousand Talents Program in 2011. He has been engaged in the research and development of medical devices for a long time, presided over a number of scientific research projects, and has nearly 30 invention patents. Founded in 2014, Yiwei brand aims to develop scientific and effective rehabilitation medical equipment with a strong academic research and development background and people-oriented service concept. Serialized product design, from the perspective of prevention and treatment, eliminate pain and benefit mankind. In 2018, Dr. Luo Yun led the scientific research team as the chief designer. In order to eliminate the source of low back pain from sedentary, he developed the EAVY multi-position back support seat, bringing a new waist support experience to sedentary people. In the near future, the R&D team will also launch a car lumbar support cushion with a new design concept to completely refresh the driving lumbar support experience.

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