Japanese Gaming Bed

it’s the Japanese gaming bed! it’s very functional and luxurious. Though I guess that could be said about both beds. Created and sold by a Japanese furniture manufacturer called Bauhutte, the company has come up with a bed that a gamer really never really has to leave (barring the toilet), and includes mounted screens, shelving that surrounds you for food, drinks, and everything else you’ll need while gaming, and even a screen mount to hover over you while you sleep so you’ll never be without a screen in your face.

Price: $2500
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Product Details

If you check out their catalog, they create gaming furniture that starts out pretty normal towards the top, and slowly delves into gaming furniture that removes you further and further from society. Ultimately ending up with their gaming bed that you apparently can’t use without a ninjas mask on.

The end of the bed features what appears to be essentially a desk that’s mounted to the end of the bed frame, so you can go right to your gaming the second you wake up, whether that’s on a console, or on your computer while using a keyboard and mouse. 2 Mounted screens on the bed desk will allow you to optimally game and pwn newbs all day long in your underwear.

Is the ultimate gaming bed the greatest piece of gaming furniture ever created, or is it just the ultimate way to remove yourself fully from society? I’ll let you decide.

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