Treasure Computer Stand, relieves shoulder and neck pain for computer people who sit for a long time

Treasure computer monitor stand is specially designed for computer office workers to sit for a long time to prevent cervical spine discomfort. Compared with the traditional manual adjustment bracket, the treasure computer bracket is more intelligent and simple. While staring at the screen and working, our necks have long been moving with the rotation of the monitor, and this monitor The stand does not make any noise during use.

This computer stand is specially designed for computer office workers to sit for a long time to prevent cervical spine discomfort.

Since I have a 34-inch monitor, the manufacturer sent me a stand with counterweights, and the express package was also heavier.

The manufacturer is very friendly and provides a screwdriver for easy installation, and also provides a hanging scale for us to weigh the monitor. Install and adjust the computer according to the weight of the monitor through the installation and instruction manual. Connect the USB power supply to the computer host. Automatic start-up operation can be realized.

Reminder: Don’t try to complete the installation without reading the manual, because the weight parameters of different monitors are also different, so you need to adjust the weight of the bracket according to the manual, and you need to wear it before installing the cable hose. The cable is fixed, otherwise it will be stuck by the cable when it is rotated directly.

After three days of normal work, john’s shoulder and neck pain after sitting for a long time has been significantly relieved, and the neck stiffness has not appeared after hours of high-intensity work. Compared with the traditional manual adjustment bracket, thanks treasure computer stand is more intelligent and simple, allowing us to work while staring at the screen, our necks have been moving with the rotation of the monitor not only unconsciously, and this monitor stand will not be worn during use. to any noise.

However, since the position of the conditional buttons of the bracket is on the top of the back of the bracket, it is not very convenient to adjust, but it has a memory function, so it only needs one adjustment and can be used continuously, which can be regarded as an indirect remedy for this small deficiency, of course If the later product upgrade can consider designing the control button on the base, or provide a wireless control button, etc., John believes that this monitor stand will be more perfect.

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